Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What should be a real orthopedic pillow?

Now the modern market offers a lot of pillows, which call as "orthopedic". But on closer inspection, they are not at all like that.

Why are they so called?

It's just to better sell them. Since the people in recent years are not interested in pillows in general, namely tempurpedic neck pillow. Here are the cunning manufacturers began to make a cushions from all sorts of nonsense such as buckwheat husks, cooling gel or some ecofiber and call them a beautiful word "orthopedic". And they can add a mysterious "memory effect" to the name.

What should be a real orthopedic pillow?

Here are its specs:

- Presence of a roller or rollers.
- Elasticity of the material.
- The ability to maintain its shape for a long time.
- Safe materials.

A little explain.

1. The cushion's roller fills the cervical bend and maintains the right position of the spine during sleep. See:

orthopedic pillow

There are pillows with two rollers or with one. The first is more universal: for different members of the family, for different positions of the body during sleep: on the back, on the side, on the stomach.

2. The elasticity of the material is the ability of the material to recover its shape after pressing. The orthopedic pillow should "spring", that is, push out your hands after pressure on it.

3. It is very important that after sleeping on the pillow, the form is not lost, otherwise how will it "work"?

4. Well, there is nothing to explain about safe materials. The nose, which periodically sticks into the pillow, should not sniff anything abrupt, chemical and harmful to health. Otherwise, at best, we will wake up with a headache, and at worst we will suffer from an allergy. By the way, a home tick likes to live in ordinary feather and down pillows, - it's the main household allergen.

The first three of these properties have two materials: polyurethane foam and latex.

Latex as you are know is the main material for latex gloves, condoms, nipples. It is obtained from the juice of the rubber plant Hevea. Therefore, orthopedic pillows made of natural latex, which are found on our market, are more expensive than polyurethane foam ones. In addition, latex can cause allergies.

Therefore, I am for pillows made of polyurethane foam. They have all four of these properties and, more importantly, are cheaper than latex ones.

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